The Warrior 165 came into being as a result of the need to travel further offshore faster, to reach distant marks.  The boats performance is superb, combining superior manoeuvrability with speed.  It’s ability to turn at high speed without heel or side slip is remarkable, over rough water there are few equals.  The unique bow flare makes slamming and spray over the cabin a thing of the past!

There is no substitute for weight when it comes to hulls, thats why all Warrior hulls have more Lloyds approved materials than any of our competitors, just check the boat weights.  More deck space, more freeboard and more standard features that would be extras on other boats.  The high specification and the extensive accessory range makes the Warrior 165 a boat to suit most tastes and preferences, and of course the pocket.  We can cater for most individual requirements, just ask.

Warrior Boats have joined forces with major trailer manufacturers to produce a ‘Warrior spec’ 1309kg braked Roller Coaster trailer, making launching and retrieving a one man operation.  With most Warrior 165 boat, engine and trailer packages weighing around 1100kg, it is easily towed behind the average family car.


The Warrior 165 has a front opening hatch large enough for a adult to access the anchor. The self-draining  anchor locker has split doors opening fully on to the foredeck, this can be sealed off and a water tight bow storage compartment created inside the cabin if you prefer.  The port side interior molding has a large water tight storage which can be fitted with a lockable fastening if required. The steering console on the starboard side  is fitted  with a lockable door as  standard.

The console is an ideal height for standing or sitting and the top of it is wide enough to fit a fishfinder and a GPS.  The windows are a bronze tinted to stop glare, these are bolted in to ensure they are never pushed in by waves.

There is more deck space than most larger competitors and the freeboard is a full thirty-one and a half inches (800mm), giving you that safe feeling and if that wasn’t enough the gunwales are fitted with stainless steel grab rails.  To the rear of the boat the splash well is fitted with two storage bins which can be used to store odds and ends.  Two rod holders are standard with room for four extra.

Standard Features

Prices Effective from 1st January 2024

All prices include VAT

WARRIOR 165 £15900.00
Hitch lock, inc. jockey wheel, spare wheel, LED lighting, hitch lock, braked flushing system, winch and strap.
Uk specification and EU specification trailers on request
  • Standard colour white (colour available at extra charge)
  • Windows – tinted.
  • Sealed buoyancy chamber under floor, foam filled bow.
  • Self draining anchor locker in bow.
  • Opening front hatch.
  • Port locker in forward seat moulding.
  • Storage compartment in steering console.
  • Storage Bins x 2
  • Switch Panel.
  • 225hp rated steering cable, non feedback type with quality steering wheel.
  • Heavy duty fender with stainless steel end caps.
  • Heavy duty bow roller.
  • Stainless steel bollard.
  • Stainless steel cabin grab rails x 2.
  • Stainless steel gunnel grab rails x 2.
  • Stainless steel rear cleats x 2.
  • Stainless steel towing eye.
  • Stainless steel folding ladder.
  • Electric bilge pump.
  • Rod holders in transom x 2.
  • Flip helm seats & storage boxes x 2.
  • Full trailing / mooring cover.
  • Fire Extinguisher.


Type Price
Auxiliary bracket £ 195.00
Bilge pump automatic (Upgrade)  £   75.00
Bow cushions, pair £ 240.00
Bucket seat upgrade (pair) £ 440.00
Coloured Hull £ 300.00
Colour splice to Hull £ 385.00
Hand held compass with light price £   129.00
Extra storage compartment, large  £ 120.00
Fixed rear seat, with cushions £ 620.00
Folding rear bench seat £ 900.00
Gunwale Pockets × 2 £ 120.00
Half canopy £ 595.00
Midship Cleats £ 100.00
Rocket launcher rod holder £   55.00
Rod holder £   15.00
Internal storage racks (pair) £   60.00
Stainless steel bait rail with cutting board & rod rests from £ 395.00
Stainless steel bridge with navigation lights/anchor light, VHF aerial £ 850.00
Stainless steel front pulpit rails £ 455.00
Stainless steel keel band £ 315.00
Upgrade to hydraulic steering £1200.00

Package Deals

Our boat package deals offer excellent value with all of our Suzuki engines at less than the standard dealer trade price, on top of that, engines, electronics and additional accessories are all fitted free of charge. Have a look at our “Package Deals” for more information and click the link 60hp or 70hp to see the specific deal.


Item Imperial Metric
Length 16ft 5ins 5.05m
Beam 6ft 10ins 2.1m
Draft 10ins 256mm
Internal Freeboard 31.5ins 800mm
Weight 560kg
Length on trailer 22ft 4in 6.8m
Width on trailer 7ft 2.5in 2.2m
Height on trailer (without bridge) 7ft 10in 2.4m
Height on trailer (with bridge) 9ft 2.75m
CE category C
Max persons 4 (adults)
Max hp 80
Max load, with engine 560Kg

Trailing weight (approx) 1100kg (boat, engine and trailer)


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