Dear customer,

Thank you for your enquiry about the Warrior range of specialist day boats. We hope you enjoy reading about the boats, the features and the accessories. Warrior Boats have built over 2000 boats in the last 20 years, growing to be one of the biggest 'small boat' manufacturers in the UK. In this time we have gained a reputation for building some of the best boats money can buy.

The factory is open five and a half days a week, so why not visit us and see for yourself what makes Warrior Boats stand out from the rest. Our hand picked staff are friendly and would be happy to show you the quality Lloyds approved materials used, view the production line and see all the models at various stages of construction, nothing hidden and all your questions answered.

We do not compromise on quality, all our boats are produced in-house ensuring the finished boat is everything you would expect when it is collected or delivered. All our boats are tested for CE conformity by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA), making them a safe choice and giving you piece of mind.

Demonstrations can be arranged at the factory, or with over two thousand boats out in the market, we can arrange one closer to you with one of our proud owners. Please feel free to phone us to discuss you requirements.

Thank you,